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G2 Petroleum, LLC is a privately held oil & gas company whose main focus is development drilling of conventional vertical wells primarily in shallow oil sands of North Texas. The company was founded in 2008 by Cotton Graham who built this company to fulfill his goal of providing unwavering transparency to G2 Petroleum’s family of investors. Along with our sister company, Newport Operating, we have identified a niche market opportunity in Wichita County that has produced over 855 million barrels of oil to date. By drilling in a proven area, our drilling costs are much lower compared to unconventional or deeper, more expensive resource plays. Our geologist has worked this area for 40 years and his experience allows us to enhance our profitability by understanding the geology and history of the field. This knowledge guides us on where or where not to drill.

Our passion lies inside the hearts and minds of our people


Cotton Graham – Founder and President

Cotton began working in the oil & gas industry in 1994. He founded his first oil & gas development company in 2004 entering the market at $30 per barrel oil and sold his holdings near the top of the market at $75.

He founded G2 Petroleum, LLC in 2008. It provides venture capital (bringing to market retail oil deals) and consulting (aligned with our clients’ interests). The company initially invested in South Texas, North Dakota and Colorado. It is currently investing in North Texas. He built the company to fulfill his goal of providing unwavering transparency to G2 Petroleum’s family of investors. The byproduct of that commitment is our clear-cut, production driven approach to oil & gas development.

Cotton founded Newport Operating, LLC in 2015 initially to complement G2 Petroleum, LLC’s drilling projects. Newport Operating allows Cotton to retain control of all aspects of field drilling and operations and provides a transparency of costs to G2 Petroleum and its partners.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and partner of 18 years and their 5 children. He coaches his daughter’s basketball team and is involved with the city of McKinney’s Lacrosse program. The values he was taught growing up: God, Family, and Country are instilled into his parenting. Cotton is a Navy Veteran with 4 years of active service and his companies actively contribute to several non-profit organizations.

Our FAMILY of INVESTORS, to US, are JUST family….

We take great pride in the trust and relationships we build with our family of partners here at G2 Petroleum. There’s an obvious connection that’s shared when we partner together. They know, that although there will always be a level of risk in oil investing, their investment is in the hands of people that care about them. And with our proven track record for production, our partners know that we will do everything in our power to generate the most aggressive return on their investment.

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“We dig the future”

Full control of the day-to-day operations in the field is the most notable factor separating G2 Petroleum LLC, from the rest of the industry. Simply put, all of our production is overseen by the founder of G2 Petroleum and Newport Operating, Cotton Graham. His vision to provide accredited investors and high-worth individuals with an opportunity to realize aggressive returns is alive and well.

We invite you to come see what we are up to…

We have been a staple in McKinney,Texas for over a decade, and behind Cotton Graham’s leadership, we have thrived. Partners, accredited investors and high-worth individuals are always encouraged to come see us in person to further their education on oil investing through first hand experience. Communicating with our partners and potential investors serves as a steady reminder of why we love what we do.

The “black gold” we unearth in North Texas is the lifeblood of our industry, and fuels our unwavering drive to provide considerable returns for our family of Partners. We invite you to come see and experience the G2 difference for yourself.

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