118 oil wells in 2 years…
Ranked 3rd in 2018 Top 10 Non-Shale Basin Drillers

Newport Operating, LLC was founded by Cotton Graham, owner of G2 Petroleum, LLC in 2015. Newport was created to gain full control of the daily field operations of the programs that G2 offered. Newport is a privately held, “hands on” oil well operations company that has separated itself from our industry competitors by helping G2 to provide the most transparent oil investment opportunity available to accredited investors. Cotton Graham’s innovative use of shallow well drilling has helped revive an area in Burkburnett, Texas that has been economically depressed since the oil crash of the 1980’s.

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Full control of the day-to-day operations in the field is the most notable factor separating G2 Petroleum LLC from the rest of the industry.

Current Oil Production: 7200 Barrels Per Month


While it’s a perfectly normal practice for venture capital companies to hire contract operators, it’s just not our preferred style of business. Cotton and his team have worked tirelessly to bring the standard of G2 Petroleum to new heights by putting in the necessary time and effort to make Newport Operating a 5 star operating company.

What does that mean? It means that partnering with G2 Petroleum LLC comes with a theoretical vested interest in their own oil production. Newport’s connection to G2 correlates with Newport’s owning of equipment, trucks, leases, and everything needed to operate which minimizes the need to hire subcontractors for production services. In addition, we work our leases with over 30 direct, staff members and leading industry partners, which lowers expenses and maximizes profitability. With the help of our trusted partners we are able to handle almost every step of the drilling process in-house.

The Process From Idea to Production:

  1. G & G review– Perform geological and engineering review.
  2. Title Review – Run and search title of property to current owner.
  3. Acquire Oil and Gas Lease – Negotiate, sign and pay for an oil and gas lease.
  4. Survey & Permit – Our geologist determines the drill site. The site is then surveyed and applicable permits obtained.
  5. Drilling & Logging – The “borehole” is drilled, and data regarding the rock formations is logged.
  6. Casing & Cementing – 30 ft. single-joint tubing is placed in the “borehole” and held in place with cement.
  7. Perf & Test – A hole is punched through the casing to access the reservoir, and the well is tested to determine if fracking is necessary.
  8. Fracking – If needed, a fracking solution is pumped into the well creating channels that allow hydrocarbons to flow.
  9. Completion – A custom completion setup and pump jack are used to extract the oil, which is then stored on-site until purchased.

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